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Like many of the ingredients we use, our brand has a single origin.
Mademoiselle Miel was born when beekeeper and chocolatier Susan Brown began creating Honey Bon-bons by using honey from her rooftop hives and encasing it in 100% single origin, organic cacao.
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Inspired by the desire to create exquisite sensory experiences that honor unrefined elements and flavors found in the natural world, Susan launched a brand and opened a storefront in Saint Paul, Minnesota, in April 2011.
Since then, new flavors and products have been created, garnering awards and accolades, including being named a Top 10 Chocolatier in North America - the first chocolatier ever to be awarded in that regard for using unsweetened chocolate.
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Mademoiselle Miel is known for exceptionally created and artfully presented products enjoyed by all people.


Susan Brown

" I started imagining a pure unsweetened chocolate cup that was filled with honey. I liked the idea of the bitter and sweet next to each other just like life. "
Susan Brown is a chocolatier, beekeeper, pastry chef and artist living and working in Saint Paul, Minnesota. During a trip to Paris she related to the French culinary ethos of making naturally delicious and beautiful sweets that are sophisticated yet simple.

While there, she discovered rooftop beekeeping and adopted the method upon her return to Saint Paul. Susan then began creating confections using honey from her own rooftop hives. She launched Mademoiselle Miel to focus her passion for creating honey-sweetened foods, her reverence for bees, and the wonder she feels from the natural world.
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