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We honor the natural world by showcasing its power, beauty, and wonder. 


Sustainably Sourced Cocoa

We micro-batch our chocolate from scratch, and we handle every single step of the process from start to finish. This trade process is known as “bean to bar,” and it’s a label we adopt proudly. We source our ingredients ethically and locally whenever possible. The result is the most satisfyingly smooth chocolates with a uniquely clean flavor.


Garden Grown Flavors

Alongside our rooftop honey, we incorporate natural flavors into our chocolate by growing our own organic herbs like lemongrass and mint.

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Rooftop Sourced Honey

We are as passionate about naturally refined chocolates as we are about sustaining our local pollinator population. 100% of the honey we put in our chocolates is sourced directly from beehives on our store's rooftop.


Vegan Friendly

Our vegan treats are made with bold, sophisticated flavors like fruits, nuts, herbs, and oils. Sweetened exclusively with pure maple sugar, nearly all of our artisan bars are vegan by default.

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